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School Swimsuit Bukkake

School Swimsuit Bukkake

Rainy season is here now in Japanese but we starts to have super hot days.  One of those days, everyone is wishing to be in a nice clean pool to cool off.  But this schoolgirl Chiharu Maeda has a different idea.  She doesn’t want to cool down.  She wants to feel hot.   She puts on a school swimsuit and masturbates in front of her classmates.  Seeing how much Chiharu is in heat, guys unload cum all over her face and body, hoping their sperms will help her cool down a bit!!!

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Big tits girlfriend Natsuki Yokoyama’s Face-Fuck Bukkake

Japanese face fuck bukkake

Horny Japanese girlfriend Natsuki Yokoyama wants to have different sex play tonight.  She asks her boyfriend that she wants it a bit rough…”face fucking, may be?” .  As he hold her head onto his cock, she willingly goes deeper, chocking and gagging with pleasure of feeling the dick inside her throat.   She gets so horny that she masturbates while her face is destroyed with her saliva and covered with a massive facial cum!

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President Secretary Loves To Serve

Ayaka Yamashita Japanese Interracial Face Fuck

Ayaka Yamashita is a good company secretary.  Her dedicated and submissive nature, specially her almost instinctive need to serve and please men help her climb high in the company’s secretary ladder.    Her sex life reflects that, too.  She comes home and finds her boyfriend is extremely horny. Still in her secretary uniform, she is made to get on her knees and suck dick.  She does what she is told to do and she is very happy.  She gags hard on the firm cock rammed deep into her throat and her face is destroyed with tons of throat slime but she doesn’t stop.  She doesn’t want to stop.  His orgasm is her orgasm, too.   By the time, her face and mouth get messy with her own saliva and his cum, her tight Japanese pussy is flooded with her love juice!

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Cum Champagne Cheer

cum champagne gokkun

Rin is a true bukkake pervert.  She sits amongst a group of guys and ask them to cum over her face and into her mouth.  She could just swallow the collected cum, but instead she spits it into a glass and drinks it like champagne.  Yeah, she needs to enjoy the taste of cum.  Normal gokkun is not enough for this girl.  Then she lays down and starts masturbating sot that late joiners can give more bukkake on her face!