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Schoolgirl Maomi Yukina Surprised Facial

Maomi Yukina Facefucked & Facialized

Sweet schoolgirl Maomi Yukina looks terribly innocent even though she begs for cock.  She says she wants it a little rough but is this what she has expected?  She looks surprised when the hard cock is shoved down her throat but she keeps up with it.  It seems she makes up her mind to show off how GOOD her mouth is.  She takes pounding until he admits her worth and cums all over her face!

Petite Chie Kobayashi’s First Time Facefuck and Facial

Chie Kobayashi facefuckd and facializedPetite Japanese girl Chie Kobayashi has never been in porn and has never had facefucked even by her boyfriends.  She told us she always wanted to experience a little “rough” play but her exes were not willing to give it to here.  So she came to this shoot. Good for us! Chie turns out to be quite a pervert. She enjoys getting her mouth fucked and let hard dick pound deeper and deeper into her throat til our man finally explodes and unloads cum on her face.

Bondage Slut teen Akari Misaki Cum Facial Facefucking

bondage cum slutJapanese girl Akari Misaki loves being tied up and treated like a slut.  Today, after her body is restrained so that she cannot resist, she gets facefucked.   Her master deep-mouthfucks  her and cums when he wishes  then smears his cum and her saliva all over face to wipe his dick clean!  As a rewards to being a good submissive slut, she gets vibrator on her pussy!

Miniskirt Japanese Facial for Facefucked Mio Yoshida

Mio Yoshida FacefuckedMio Yoshida came here thinking that it would be only a sexy photo shoot and was ready for miniskirt, no bra even full nude. She should have known it will be more than that when she is handed a collar and chain! They are only interested in her mouth as  pure dick and cum receptacle. She is naturally curious and horny so when she sees hard dick, she decides to go for it.   She licks dick and balls to make cock harder then her mouth is stuffed with dick and she gets hardest face fuck she’s ever got.   After getting cooling sperm shower on her face, she is allowed to have masturbation for her own orgasm.