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School Swimsuit Bukkake

School Swimsuit Bukkake

Rainy season is here now in Japanese but we starts to have super hot days.  One of those days, everyone is wishing to be in a nice clean pool to cool off.  But this schoolgirl Chiharu Maeda has a different idea.  She doesn’t want to cool down.  She wants to feel hot.   She puts on a school swimsuit and masturbates in front of her classmates.  Seeing how much Chiharu is in heat, guys unload cum all over her face and body, hoping their sperms will help her cool down a bit!!!

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Tanned Shibuya Gal Facial & AV Idol Fan Bukkake

shibuya gal facial

Super hot bodied Shibuya Fashionista gal is forced to wear school girl uniform, school swimsuit and school phys ed uniform and get fucked by guys she normally even thinks about dating!  Humiliation of all is they all jerk off  and cover her perfectly made up face with their nasty cum.

Fan bukkake on Kokomi Naruse

You are invited to AV idol Kokomi Naruse’s fan appreciation day! She knows she has very faithful fans all over Japan and many of them are total pervs so best way to show her appreciation is to give them chance to jerk off on her! Watch more than 100 Kokomi fans get naked, fondle her,  watch Kokomi getting fucked and jerk off all over her pretty face.  What a sight!

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Japanese teen swimsuit bukkake & cum drinking

Japanese teen bukkake cum swallowing

This Japanese Bukkake movie is really perverted and HOT! Super cute Japanese Teen Nozomi Momoi is surround by a group of guys ready to spray their hot loads on her while she she is on a top of a guy and rides his cock.   Unusual thing is she has gets a large plastic tray attached around her neck to catch all of the cum streaming down her head and face! Yeah, she receives over 10o cumshots on her face and not even one drop is wasted!  All cum collects in the tray and at the end this teen pervert pours it into her mouth and drinks it up!

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Japanese pervert, Kanon ready to receive hot bukkake in her school swimsuit

Kanon is a real pervert, from just swallowing cum she gets wet and can’t want to have her face to be covered with cum.  She know that school swimsuit make guys extremely horny and brings one of her own!  But we make this perverted girl wait and let her feel slimy cum all over her cute tits in this titty cum party!

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