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Chikan Bukkake Bus

Bukkake Bus

School girl Yuna Satsuki gets on a bus, not knowing this bus is filled with chikan (groping perverts) including a driver.  Soon her big tits get pulled out her blouse and her panties are taken off.  Numerous dicks get presented in front of her to be licked and sucked.  One by one, satisfied horny perverts unload their nasty cum into her mouth and on her face. Nastiest craziest facial bukkake movie ever!

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Bus Full of Horny Japanese Schoolgirls

Japanese up skirt

A Japanese businessman gets on a commuter bus whose last stop is a girls school.  The bus is always packed with young girls in the morning and he hopes that he might have chance to do some up skirt shoots using his cellphone or groping without being noticed by anybody.  Soon he gets caught (oh no!)  but instead of reporting him to the police, these horny and wild schoolgirls demand him to do more to entertain them!  Now he is a toy they can play with.  Groping, handjobs, blowjobs, male-squirting, hardcore fuck even anal sex.  These Japanese girls won’t let him go until they are satisfied!

Japanese school girls

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Chikan Train Bukkake

Bukkake Train in Japan

Japanese office lady Izumi Hasegawa gets felt up by chikan on the train on her commute to work.  She looks around and all the passages are men. There are no women she can ask for help.  She is surround by horny men.  She is their target for today.  Some are here to fuck her,  and others are here to watch her getting fucked.  And EVERYONE is here to give nasty bukkake on her pretty face.


Chikan Bus Japanese School Girl Bukkake

JAV Idol Kotono meets group chikan (gropers) inside a bus on her way to school. One guy started to touch her ass followed by the other gropers fondling her tits and fingering her pussy.  They forced her to suck their cocks and unload their cum on her pretty face . Kotono gets abused in different scenarios in this DVD movie. Watch her colleague harass her in their office, as a nurse she gets abused by male patients inside the elevator, inside the dressing room one of her fans made her fuck him, and see more of her receive messy cum facials.