Red Hot Jam 178 : Yuki Motoyama [RHJ-178]

Yuri Motoyama RHJ-178

Red Hot Jam 178 : Yuki Motoyama

Submissive Japanese girls are always popular but some (or many ? ) of you guys out there love dirty and sex hungry Japanese girls, too!  They of course exit and they are extremely exciting to watch! ( No guilt here for anybody).  Without much more bra bra, now I introduce you Yuki Motoyama.  She is sexy, beautify and DIRTY.  She takes 3 guys up in one time and they are having hard time to catch up with her wild drenching & squirting pussy!

Yuri Motoyama RHJ-178

1) Squirting Creampie Sex – pussy licking, finger bang, blowjob, squirting, bareback, creampie
2) 3 men v Yuki gang bang – toy play, squirring, 2 dicks in a pussy, multiple dick blowjob, gang bang, bareback, creampie

Yuri Motoyama RHJ-178Starring: Yuki Motoyama
Length: 120 min
Release Date;2/08/2011
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection

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