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Japanese girl Reina confesses that on her way back from this bukkake party, more than several people looked at her strangely in the train which happened to be super crowded and last one of the day.  Sorry, Reina.  We kept you too long.  You didn’t have enough time to take shower before you caught the last train.  Well, Reina is a pervert so we suspected that she may have enjoyed cum smell on her in the crowded train, so I think we’d better say ” Sorry for our cum smell, hard working Japanese businessmen!”

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Mio Yoshida came here thinking that it would be only a sexy photo shoot and was ready for miniskirt, no bra even full nude. She should have known it will be more than that when she is handed a collar and chain! They are only interested in her mouth as  pure dick and cum receipticle. She is naturally curious and horny so when she sees hard dick, she decides to go for it.   She licks dick and balls to make cock harder then her mouth is stuffed with dick and she gets hardest face fuck she’s ever got.   After getting cooling sperm shower on her face, she is allowed to have masturbation for her own orgasm.

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Horny and bored Japanese housewife Rana Koda goes to a cooking school.  Instead of improving her cooking skills, she has improved her sex skill by having affair with a teacher.   One day, her teacher brings his friends to their secret meeting and insinuates that he might reveal their affair to her husband unless she has some sexual fun with his friends, too.  So Rina agrees and decides to make the best of the worst situation by having as many orgasms and facial shots as she can!

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