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rina koda facial

Horny and bored Japanese housewife Rana Koda goes to a cooking school.  Instead of improving her cooking skills, she has improved her sex skill by having affair with a teacher.   One day, her teacher brings his friends to their secret meeting and insinuates that he might reveal their affair to her husband unless she has some sexual fun with his friends, too.  So Rina agrees and decides to make the best of the worst situation by having as many orgasms and facial shots as she can!

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Minami Ayase 綾瀬みなみ Bukkake

Big tits AV idol Minami Ayase’s very first bukkake.  “I’m so happy to be a center of *cum* attention but I’m kind of nervous and feeling already embarrassed when I think about being stared at by many men during shoot”, so Minami says.  But as soon as the shoot starts and horny guys stare at her for real, Minami gets so aroused and goes into sexual trance.  She totally enjoys having over 100 facials and even does unplanned cum swallowing gokkun to top off!!


schoolgirl facial

Japanese Schoolgirl Ayano Hidaka’s first face fuck experience. She is so perverted that her pussy becomes immediately wet while she gets tied up.  She eagerly starts licking even before dick comes out of underpants.  Once dick is inside her mouth, she doesn’t let it go. She gags and her saliva soon is all over herself . On top of her throat slime covered face, she finally gets a massive sticky cum facial!

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Ai Pussy Bukkake

This Japanese girl Ai is total cum slut. This slender teen reminds me of a pretty Japanese Koi.  Just she needs to be covered with cum instead of water!  She opens mouth wide and receives all cum into her mouth to swallow all.  Then she puts on a new pair of eyeglasses only to be bukkaked!  Nastiest is pussy bukkake.  She opens her legs wide and invites everyone to jerk off into her pussy!


kaede fukusaki

Beautiful cougar Kaede Fuyutsuki loves a little rough treatment all because of a thrill she can get from boring sex with her husband.  Today, her lover gives her good banging into her shaved pussy and tight ass.  Then he gives massive cum splash all over her beautiful face.  After he demands her clean up blowjob.  Now so satisfied, with pleasure, she thoroughly licks off and sucks out cum from dick.


Sakaida Minami bondage facial

Minami Sakaida loves to rough treatment.  Nowadays, this is the only way she can have true orgasm.  Today, she comes here to have her body tied up and get her mouth stuffed with big dick. A massive thick cock fills her mouth and throat completely. She gags but keeps pushing her face forward, trying to have dick as deep as possible into her thoat!   In the end, she is drenched with her own throat slime and sticky cum from dick!

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gokkun japan

Kana Ohhori invites everybody to her apartment and holds gokkun cum swallowing party!  This is her last AV shoot so she doesn’t hold back anything.  From beginning to the end, she squeezes out thick cum from all the dicks that are presented to her and gulps it down into her stomach!


Reo Saionji

AV Idol Reo Saionji is brought back to a room by her date after nice dinner and she is surprised by his sudden groping.  Her date who up to now looked so nice and gentle quickly takes off her panties then fucks her throat deep and hard!  After using her as a good little face fuck toy, he cums on her face then makes her cum hard too with a toy.  She is so stunned and aroused at the same time she agrees to go on another one of these “dates” with him.

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Ruru Kashiwagi facial

Big tits & curvy AV idol, Ruru Kashiwagi gets served by 3 horny guys with thorough pussy licking and vibrators.  After she reaches hard orgasm, she gives blowjobs to all the guys and receives a thick facial from each of them!  Watch her pretty face get drenched with sticky sperm goo!!!

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