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Tsubomi As A Cum Taster

MIGD-582 - Dream Woman Vol. 94

Here comes my favorite eternally young and *virgin* av idol Tsubomi!  In this video, she becomes a cum taster and takes a kind exam to prove her skill.  She blows a guy, gokkuns and tests the cum, and guesses what he ate before the shoot.  Did you know your cum taste changes depends on what you eat?  Watch how well Tsubomi does on this test.

MIGD-582 - Dream Woman Vol. 94As if gokkun is not enough, Tsubomi receives cum bath after this.  Enjoy!


French maid Yukiko Suou is all dolled Up for Bukkake

Japanese French Doll Bukkake

Japanese girl, Yukiko Suou is dressed up like a french doll and looking very cute.  But she is here to do all kinds of nasty acts. She gives a good nipple licking and quite through anlingus to a guy and happily receives all his cum into her mouth.  She collects many guys’ cum into a wine glass, plays with it and drinks it up as if it were coconut smoothie.  Then, she lies down and receives sperm shower on her pretty face. She even opens her mouth wide so that she can do taste test. Whose cum is sweater?   She does all this with wide smile, she is truly enjoying it all!