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Japanese fetish idol Akari Misaki gets throat bumped by a thick asian cock

Japanese teen shibari is tightly bound in Japanese ropes as she kneels before her fetish master. He jams his cock into her throat and doesn’t stop pounding until he cums. Akari loves the attention because she loves cock and loves being a good cock slave.


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Schoolgirl Yui Kawagoe claims she has been super horny since early age and it gets really worse these days. She cannot concentrate on anything.  She has sefure (sex friends) and fucks fairly regularly but nothing is enough anymore.  She needs more, possibly something perverse to quench her sex thirst.   Today, she finally gets what she has needed.  She is tied up, gets stripped down only the bottom parts of her clothes and faced fucked repeatedly.  Banging doesn’t stop until a guy unloads his cum on her face. This arouses Yui so much that when she is finally allowed to masturbate she lets herself go completely and cums again and again with cum still on her pretty face.

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When Yuria Tominaga was invited to have fun time with her gaijin friend, she wasn’t expecting this.  When she sees his dick first time, she is shocked but like many good Japanese girls, she is willing to try.  She struggles to take his thick cock deep into her mouth and throat.  But with his firm assistant, Yuria gives amazing blowjob and becomes a perfect Japanese fuck toy.

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