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High Heel Rub & Cum Shot

I know many guys living in Japan develop serious legs and foot fetishes, seeing so many pretty Japanese girls wearing short skirts and tight pants with nice heels day in, day out but this gaijin… he is a true serious case.  He needs a cure and a beautiful AV Idol, Mizuki is kind enough to give him one.   She puts on gold high heels and tells him he can do whatever he wants.  Watch him rub his dick so hard on her heel while holding tight on her thin smooth ankle and cum so hard on her beautiful legs…

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Japanese Master Ass Rub

Japanese Ass Rub

Oshiro Kaede has a beautiful legs and body and she knows how to use every part of her body for sexual pleasure.   In this video, she gives a lucky gaijin a masterful foot job with smooth silky stockings on.  Then she lets him finger bang her so that she herself can get orgasm.  After feeling really good, she gives him amazing ass rub.  She sandwiches a dick between her ass cheek and grinds her hip.  Instantly, the dick gets harder til it cums all over her round juicy butt!


Japanese Thigh Rubbing

Japanese thigh rubbing

This perverted video is shot by a gaijin who is absolutely mad about Japanese girls, specially their soft smooth thighs.  Cute Karina Oshima stars here to fulfill this foreigner’s leg fantasy.  First he rubs his dick between her thighs, then she rubs his cock back using her legs skillfully.  Her thighs must feel really really good, because he cannot keep himself in very long.  Quickly and helplessly he cums on her legs.